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Gaza suffered during the aggression of July 2014 m to the worst manifestations of systematic violation of the rules of international human rights law, where Israel has a fierce war against the Gaza Strip, where nearly killed (2168) Palestinians, a third of them children and women. The number of injured has risen to (10918) injured were targeting more than ten thousands of houses and 98 schools and 161 mosques and (8) hospitals and (46) a civil institution, and economic losses amounted to $ 3.6 billion. Half a million Palestinians were forced to leave their homes forcibly and abandoned them in the case of internal displacement is the largest of its kind since tens of years have lived displaced the difficult and inhuman conditions, and this has happened the whole center of suspicious international silence in spite of the grave violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the civilian population and all the crimes committed by the State of Israel's military occupation was the glare of the international community, which continued to continuing to plot international silence that helps the occupying military and civilian leaders from both impunity and accountability for leaders what their crimes in the Gaza Strip. This encyclopedia aims to work to contribute to the erosion of the legitimacy of the occupation in the context of the battle of moral legitimacy and the humanitarian disarmament of the Israeli entity, the encyclopedia as well as the message historical documentation of acorrection to an error historic no documentation Sava when committed by the occupation crimes, and encyclopedia thus constitute a protection for the history of counterfeiting and provide reliable reference for all human rights centers and research centers to contribute to exposing the crimes of the Israeli occupation, and support the steadfastness of the people of Palestine and the people of the Gaza Strip, have we used in creating enterprise centers all public and private institutions, and the witnesses who lived through the crime to gather information and documented. Goals encyclopedia: Exposing Israeli practices and violations and crimes committed during the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. Stripping Israeli propaganda in front of the world and where not to prejudice the claims of civilians during the aggression. To provide information, documents and complete data for researchers, journalists and human rights for the damages and losses and violations caused by the aggression on Gaza. Documenting this phase of the history of the Palestinian people and protect them from oblivion and loss and preserve it for future generations. This encyclopedia that serve as a source and an important reference for researchers and scholars. Strengthening the steadfastness of the people of the Gaza Strip by highlighting the size of aggression directed against the enemy cannot defeat.