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During the Israeli aggression in July 2014, Gaza strip faced the worst forms of systematic violation of the doctrines of  International Human Rights Law. Israel has launched a war against Gaza strip which resulted in the death of 2567 Palestinians; two thirds of them were women and children.  The number of casualties reached 10918 targeting more than 10 thousand houses, 98 schools, 161 mosques, 8 hospitals, and 46 civil institutions; moreover, the economic losses were estimated at 3.6 billion USD.
Half a million Palestinians were forced to leave their homes which caused a state of internal migration considered the largest of its kind in decades. Displaced people endured harsh and inhuman conditions. In spite of the sickening violation that the Israeli military forces committed against the civilian residents, there was a state of international silence. The international community witnessed all these crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces yet they continued their conspiracy of silence. The later helped the occupation and both of its military and civil leaders to escape the punishment for their crimes in the Gaza Strip.

We in “Creativity institution” have created “The encyclopedia of Gaza holocaust 2014”, as a continuation of the process of exposing the Israeli crime. This encyclopedia is an extension to the encyclopedia that the institution released in 2009 in the first anniversary of the 2008 war. This encyclopedia is considered a reference for the civil and media organizations to prosecute the leaders of killing and dislodgment in Israel; moreover, it’s used as a tool of exposing Israel to the International community.

Creativity institution for research, studies, and training greatly thanks all who provided information, documents, reports, publications , data, and photos that contributed to enriching this important encyclopedia which chronicles and documents the brutal Israeli aggression against Gaza strip in 2014 summer. Special thanks goes to :
- Palestinian Ministry of Health.
- Palestinian Ministry of Economy.
- Ministry of Religious Affairs.
- Ministry of Education.
- Ministry of Agriculture.
- Al Mezan Center For Human Rights.
-Palestinian Center for Human Rights.
- Students of Leadership Development Institute of Creativity institution.